dim sum (4 pieces)

retro prawn dumplings $9.90
ginger prawn dumplings $10.90
chive and prawn dumplings $10.90
scallop and prawn dumplings  $13.90
crab meat & prawn dumplings $10.90
chilli crystal prawn dumplings $9.90
hot &sour pork and prawn dumplings $9.90
pork & prawn sui mia $9.90
chicken &  chicken dumplings $8.90
chilli chicken dumplings $8.90
juicy pork dumplings $8.90
duck dumplings in sweet chilli sauce $9.90
vegetarian dumplings $8.90
mixed dumpling platter (8pcs) $18.90

on the side

dan dan noodle(Wet or Dry) $14.90  
szechuan hawker style spicy chicken noodle
mahjong fried rice with prawn and pork $14.90
with prawn & Pork
Singapore noodles $14.90

with prawn & pork too
soy king noodle $13.90
stir fried egg noodle with the king of soy sauce
steamed Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce $14.90

with oyster sauce
stir fried Asian greens $14.90
stir fried baby spinach with bean curd paste  $14.90
wIth bean curd paste
steamed rice  $4.90

Vintage Sweets

banana fritter with ice cream $9.90   
mini deep fried ice cream $9.90    
steamed custard buns $8.90    
sticky coconut rice with fresh fruit $11.90

muck around

6 inch five spice duck spring rolls (2 pcs)  $8.90
mini vegetarian spring rolls (6 pcs) $9.90
beijing ‘red hand’ chilli prawn wontons (6 pcs) $16.90
salt & pepper fresh calamari $16.90
DIY. san choi Bao (2 pcs) $9.90
choice of chicken, pork, seafood or vegetarian
garlic and chilli fried chicken ribs  $15.90
quack quack spicy duck salad $17.90
Beijing duck pancake (6 pcs)  $19.90
with cucumber and spring onion
crispy skin pork belly (limited availability) $18.90
pan fried Shanghai pork dumplings (6 pcs)  $13.90
xinjiang cumin lamb pockets (4 pcs)  $15.90
crispy coated Mandarin beef $17.90
mini numb wagyu bun ‘burgers’ (4 pcs)  $18.90
silk road scallion pancake  $7.90
Szechuan hot & sour chicken soup  $9.90
Hong Kong’s prawn wonton soup  $9.90
crab meat sweet corn soup  $9.90

‘Bring It On!’ 
Can't make up your mind?
Why not try our daily chef's selected dishes, $59.00 per person, minimum 2 people.

serious stuff

Crispy skin Cantonese Roast Duck $32.90

Hakka Style Crispy Skinned Chicken $29.90
free-range boneless chicken pieces with flavours of five spice & sea salt, served with ginger oil to pour over

Kung Fu Chicken $29.90
stir fried chicken pieces with dry chilli, sweet soy and peanuts

Tibetan Crispy Crumbed Chicken $29.90
free-range chicken breast pieces stir fried with cumin, capsicum & Chinese herbs

Szechuan Grandma Tofu $29.90
chicken mince and tofu cooked in a spicy black bean sauce

Return Wok Pork Belly $29.90
Chongqing style pork belly pieces stir fried with garlic, green pepper and special chilli sauce

Sweating Chilli Beef $29.90
Beef pieces stir fried with pickle chilli, dry chilli, heaven chilli, chilli, ginger & garlic.

Fire Water Beef or White Fish $32.90
a spicy Szechuan classic cooked in stock 

‘VIC. High Country’ Eye Fillet $35.90
panfried with Guangzhou honey pepper sauce and asian green

Market Fish Fillet of the Day $32.90
steamed Cantonese style with ginger, shallot and light soy
or grilled with spicy, sweet soy & herb flavours

Singaporean Chilli Prawns $34.90
S.A. king prawns stir fried sriracha sauce with rice noodle

Cantonese Ginger-Mint Prawns $34.90
S.A  king prawns stir fried Cantonese style with crushed ginger & mint, served with Chinese broccoli
Combination Clay Pot $34.90
Chicken, king prawn, calamari, pork, beef & tofu with Hong Kong Hawker style, ginger & spring onion

updated april 2017